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Cotton Shopping Tote w/Stuffed Webbed Handles - C0154

Cotton Shopping Tote w/St

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Why Go Green?

Chosing eco-friendly promotional products is a great way to start being green with your marketing and advertising. Our products are all made from eco-friendly, organic, recycled, and sustainable materials or use renewable energy sources, such as solar power.

By choosing "green" promotional products, you are doing your part by...

Ensuring that fewer poisons will end up in the water supply
Items made from organic cotton are produced without using pesticides, keeping harmful poisons out of our ground water supplies.

Reducing landfill waste
By selecting promotional products made from recycled materials you are keeping stuff out of our landfills.

Helping farmers
Choosing corn-based plastics not only promotes the use of renewable natural resources, but also helps out the farmers who grow the corn.

Helping to educate consumers
Environmental awareness is at an all time high. Many customers are choosing who to do business with based on their environmental practices. Choosing green promotional products will demonstrate your commitment to the environment.