Fresh marketing graduates know that when it comes to brand launches, openings and press conferences, coming up with clever marketing gifts is a key component of making a company look original, savvy and on-the-ball. Whether it’s a groovy pen drive, a well-designed coffee table book or a useful product sample, gifts are always welcome… but what happens when it’s a client you’re aiming to please? In this case, impersonal gifts have little place, since the aim is to make a client feel appreciated, understood and impressed. We hope you enjoy our tips for gift giving with an eco-friendly spin . If you never knew how cool a simple candle could be, then you’ve been shopping in all the wrong places…

  • Know your client and cater your gift to their specific interests/needs: Getting to know your client on a personal level is an important part of establishing good rapport, which is why a good marketing campaign always makes room for business lunch costs; often, interesting facts about your client’s interests and needs arise during a meal, so it is important to take notes afterwards about any useful information you may have gleaned. If your client happens to mention they love cooking, for instance, surprise them with a beautiful wine decanter set, if possible with an ultra-trendy stand made from bamboo, a material which is all the rage these days. If they mention chefs like Jamie Oliver or Sophie Dahl, then something more rustic and earthy will probably be right up their street. We love eco Promos online’s stunningly designed willow and bamboo basket, which exudes ‘romantic picnic’ vibes at first sight. Even gourmet food delivered straight to their door is now an option.
  • A gift doesn’t need to be expensive to hit the bullseye: One of the most popular gifts for top clients are urban-inspired gadgets and accessories; these include magnetic bottle openers, ultra-fine business card holders, futuristic flasks and even ultra-practical yet eye-opening collapsible cups (ideal for the trendy traveler). When it comes to gadgets, the buzzword in the new millennium is eco-friendly. Cool items like recycled cameras make the perfect gift for a client’s entire staff. Suggest that your client use the cameras at a company dinner or event. Afterwards, they can share all the special moments on the company’s Facebook or Twitter pages. eco Promos online has a super-cool custom camera which you can print the company’s logo on. It costs as little as $10.
  • Go with the season: A gift like a reusable tote bag is always useful in the summer. Do your clients and their staff have families? Do they enjoy shopping with a guilt-free conscience? If so, they can do like the celebs and take their tote bag along, matching the latter to their outfits for a bit of hobo chic pizzazz. In the winter, meantime just the thought of lazing around in an organic, eco-friendly bamboo robe sounds like an ideal present for a client with the heart of an eco-warrior.
  • Give a free piece of your expertise: Informative booklets/brochures tend to be picked up much faster than those merely describing a company’s products or services. When it comes to pleasing a client with a published gift, however, make sure the information is of interest or relevant to them. For instance, if you are an aesthetic surgeon, give your clients a booklet on top advances in your sector, especially regarding less invasive procedures which deliver quality results; if you work in marketing, draft a neat book teaching your clients how to use social media to their best advantage; if you are a restaurant, share a special recipe with your client. The most important factor is to show your client that thought and energy has gone into offering them a gift that will truly please them.
  • Be original: Forego the monogrammed stationary for a bag of goodies that will bring out the child in your client. If you know they are about to embark on a family cruise for the summer, for instance, stuff a tote or basket full of toys and gadgets they will actually use while on holiday; think sand castle building sets, visors, frisbees and Havaianas.
  • Give your gift in person, and if possible, over a meal: Few things are quite as valuable as your time; take your client to a special venue where you can share thoughts, wishes and laughs. Ultimately, the very best gift you can give them is a piece of your professionalism and your friendship.

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Top 4 Romantic Dates for Eco Lovers

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If you’ve been pursuing the object of your desire for what seems like an eternity and they’ve finally agreed to that first date, a fancy dinner or out-of-town trip just won’t ‘cut it’ if you’re date is an eco guy or girl. When it comes to impressing them, it’s all about the open air, positive energy and doing your share for the environment while you’re having a good time. We hope you find inspiration from our list of ideas for the perfect date in the great outdoors.
1 Share a forest bath.
It’s actually a lot more innocent than it sounds! Forest baths, or Shinrin-yoku, are a popular practice in Japan, boasting scientifically proven health benefits. It all seems quite simple, yet the effects are quite profound. Just walk slowly through a forest with your loved one and make sure to embrace its effects on each of your five senses.
First comes the sense of vision. Did you know that just looking at a picture of people walking through a forest promotes a sense of calm and elation all at once? Furthermore, walking through a forest with a minimum 45 per cent wood content has been scientifically proven to lower the heart rate and blood pressure. Next comes the sense of smell; merely taking in the crisp scent of the woods imparts a host of physiological benefits, including the quelling of anxiety and depression, a decrease in the heart and breathing rates, a reduction in pre-frontal activity in the brain and the more efficient working of the mind. In terms of sound, aim to get up close to a forest stream, whose flowing waters lower the blood pressure and the intensity of brain activity, leading to a relaxed state. Finally, the touch of trees is healing, as is the taste of fresh, edible flowers (which are also the latest buzzword among keen gourmets the world over). After the close-to-spiritual experience, have a bit of fun with a game of fetch or Frisbee – naturally, make sure the Frisbee is made of recyclable plastic!
2 Have a picnic in the great outdoors.
Fill up a natural bamboo and wood basket or bamboo picnic bag with the kind of gourmet treats you think will drive your loved one crazy: a bowl of hummus; crisp, fresh veggies for dipping; or a bag of organic veggie crisps. If it’s a beach picnic lay out a fluffy towel made of bamboo on the sand to rest on together and take plenty of entertainment along, including pails for sand castle building, or a high-flying Zing Ring, guaranteed to set your heart racing more than it probably already is! They say that one of the top secrets of all successful couples is their ability to laugh together, so these games will go a long way towards a bit of amicable bonding.
3 Give Life: Plant a Tree.
Transition towns are taking over the world. Touted as the answer to ‘Peak oil’ (the moment when the world’s fuel resources run out), they involve local communities getting together to discover and implement solutions to the world’s diminishing resources. They also offer a fun way to spend an afternoon giving something back to Nature, with activities like tree planting high on the agenda. Those who regularly take part in these activities report an immense surge of energy and a lovely feeling of satisfaction afterwards. Use a sling or tote bag made with recyclable material to carry your seeds and gardening tools, and show your date how trendy sustainable fabrics can be.
4 An al fresco dinner for two at home.
They say the way to a lover’s heart is through their stomach but bear in mind that many environmentalists are also vegetarians so you will have to hone your skills in preparing delicious vegetable-based dishes. Naturally, your cooking method will have to be environmentally friendly as well. Keep your carbon footprint at the lower end of the spectrum by whipping up a meal in a green gas kitchen, powered with renewable gas sources like biogas. Impress your date with exciting dishes like vegetarian pizza (make sure to make your own base), vegetarian couscous or a cheese-topped stuffed eggplant. To accompany your meal, pop the cork off a bottle of organic wine and make sure to set a romantic mood with some garden lights (if they are solar-powered all the better) and a musical evening for two, courtesy of your super-cool wind-up radio.
And Finally…
Show your date that you really mean business when it comes to making a difference – follow through with proposed plans to truly lower your carbon footprint. For instance, in terms of implementing a green gas system in your home, make sure to check out a number of suppliers, since not all companies offer the same solutions. Some companies use completely renewable, environmentally friendly gas sources such as biogas (made exclusively using ‘anaerobically digested’ plant sources). Other suppliers simply donate part of their profits to environmental charities or trust funds. When making your decision regarding which system is ideal for your home, the key is to strike a balance between your ideals and what you can afford. Ultimately, living a greener life is about so much more than impressing the one you love; it’s about making a change to your own life and the Planet as a whole.
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Celebrity Chefs like Jamie Oliver and Mario Batali have done wonders when it comes to encouraging the average household to be aware of the benefits of consuming a pesticide-free, fresh, seasonal diet, while beauty gurus like Leslie Kenton are all about approaching beauty from an integrated perspective, shunning toxic-rich creams and make-up in favour of natural, organic products made by companies that hold sustainability as a core value. When it comes to clothing, however, consumers can take a much more ‘relaxed’ stance, purchasing most of their items from commercial stores. In this post we present you with a few good reasons why, if leading a healthy, long life is your goal, there is no other choice but to go eco:
* Eco-Clothing is Toxin-Free:
Skin is not only our largest organ, it is, in the words of Leslie Kenton, “a multi-dimensional, interactive system of information, molecules, energy, cells and genetic messages – within our living matrix.” The skin absorbs the chemicals it comes in contact with, which is why so many consumers are turning to organic skin care and beauty products. Just think of the many patch-type medications that are rapidly absorbed by the skin; the same process occurs with the clothing we wear.
A recent investigative report carried out at Exeter University in the UK found dangerous chemicals in clothing items made by 20 of the most popular international fashion brands. One brand, in particular, was found to be selling items containing chemicals which are carcinogenic and hormone disrupting. Clothing from ALL brands tested, meanwhile, were found to contain nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), which break down in water treatment plants and rivers into hormone-disrupting substances. Some also contained azo dye, found to be carcinogenic.
Among the 141 garments tested, four contained toxic phthalates, also commonly found in most commercial moisturisers and shampoos. Phthalates have been proven to be carcinogenic and mutagenic. They can disrupt reproductive processes in women and affect sperm quality in men. All this news is worrisome enough for adults, but what about for children, whose immune systems are much more vulnerable? The risk of exposing babies, toddlers and growing kids to these harmful chemicals is one that is simply too big to take.
* Eco-Friendly Clothing Keeps Skin Disease at Bay:
Natural fibers like bamboo are famed for their ‘wicking’ ability; by lifting moisture away from the skin and drying quickly, they inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi. Bamboo also contains anti-microbial benefits and is hypo-allergenic. Most eco-friendly materials (such as organic cotton) are a wonderful option for those suffering from skin sensitivity, since they are completely toxin-free and soft and comfy to use. They also afford greater breathability, which stops skin from getting too cold or too hot and keeps uncomfortable conditions, such as dermatitis, at bay.
* Eco-Friendly Clothing Keeps our Waterways Clean:
Just this month, Greenpeace reported that two of the US’s most famous fashion brands were dumping caustic chemicals (including NP, antimony and Tributyl phosphate) into the once-beautiful Citarum River in Indonesia. In the Upper Citarum region, some 68 per cent of factories produce textiles and dump carcinogenic and highly persistent chemicals into the waterways, with little concern, says Greenpeace, for the livelihood of local communities (including fishermen and farmers) or the health of the people living in the areas surrounding the Citarum (Jakarata, Indonesia’s capital, obtains 80 per cent of its drinking water from this river).
The pollution of waterways is not limited to the clothing industry or to Indonesia; in the US, for instance, improperly disposed medications are another source of toxic waste that finds its way into streams and drinking water, negatively affecting agriculture, wildlife and humans. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless in the face of these industries, yet often, we unwittingly foster the continuance of these unsound practices through inertia, when it is within our power to make positive changes; in the case of skincare products and medications, we can take positive steps to dispose of them properly, taking unused medication back to pharmacies and using organic skincare ranges to avoid toxic build-up in the environment; in the case of clothing, the only way to make commercial brands sit up and take notice is by refusing to support any company that does not respect the environment, or the health of animals and humans.
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